A Walk Around Walnut Hills

Klinge Flats is officially open! Our first tenant, Jason, moved in July 10th. Jason is an out-of-town programer, working remotely out of the co-working space on the first floor of the house. We decided to show Jason around Walnut Hills and take him to a few local favorites. Our walk started at 2411 Gilbert Avenue (Klinge Flats) and ended with a cold beer, in a secret bar, to chat about life, swap tales, and hatch plans for the future.

Check out a few of our stops below:



Five Points Alley

2425 Gilbert Ave

Five Points Alley is a small community space located just off of Gilbert Avenue. The space hosts a number of events in Walnut Hills such as live music, spoken word poetry sessions, food truck gatherings, cookouts, and community speakers.



Gomez Salsa

2437 Gilbert Ave

Gomez Salsa is located just steps away from Klinge Flats! If you haven’t been to Gomez and experienced your first “turtle,” you’re missing out. Gomez specializes in tacos, turtles, salsas, cold brews, and cocktails.



Fireside Pizza

773 E McMillan

Stationed in an old firehouse, Fireside Pizza serves up delicious wood-fired pizzas from 11am–11pm every day of the week. Enjoy homemade dough created fresh daily, locally picked ingredients, and a variety of cheeses and spices.



Green Man Twist

770 E McMillan St

Green Man Twist is a soft serve ice cream stand located in the newly established Green Man park. Besides fantastic soft serve, the stand also sells hotdogs, slushies, flurries, and a variety of sweet treats.


Just Q’in

975 E McMillan

Located just around the corner from Klinge Flats, Just Q’in is a BBQ restaurant serving up authentic, fresh, slow-cooked BBQ. In addition to delicious sandwiches, Just Q’in also has a variety of sides to accompany your meal such as mac and cheese, smoked baked beans, cole slaw, and cornbread.


Landlocked Social House

648 E McMillan

Landlocked Social House is a charming coffee and beer shop on East McMillan. Whether it’s beer, coffee, local snacks or pastries, they’ve got you covered. Enjoy a seat inside their cozy cafe or a beer out in the beer garden – chat with friends, or bring your laptop, there’s a million ways to enjoy Landlocked Social House.



Video Archive

965 E McMillan

The Video Archive isn’t quite what it seems. Thirsty? Try heading to the Quentin Tarantino themed video store with a secret. You might just find yourself hanging out with a cold local brew in hand.



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